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+\section{Gates Of Time}
+\subsection*{Upon Arrival}
+\item Insert bookmark into book on page 58
+\item Direct teams to page 99
+\item Direct teams to
+\subsection*{Upon Departure}
+\item Ensure that the correct answer is entered on page 23
+\item Add the following sticker to page 23
+ \\
+ \begin{mdframed}
+ Wow, good thing we ran those tests. I’d definitely forgotten the tens column in one of my calculations!
+ Return to page 41 and let's get this show on the road.//
+ \end{mdframed}
+\item On page 41, cut out the first option from ``go’’ forward
+\item Return book open to page 23
+\end{itemize} \ No newline at end of file