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+\title{DCPH® 2 Walkthrough}
+\date{7 October 2017}
+This document will walk you through the steps that Game Control must perform at each puzzle station to keep the hunt moving. If you’re hosting the hunt, make sure volunteers understand the process for the puzzles they are running. If you’re playing the hunt on your own, you can follow along in this document and perform the necessary alterations to the book yourself.
+There is a section below for each puzzle, in order of when the puzzles are completed during the hunt. The first subsection for each puzzle lists the external materials necessary to solve the puzzle and the page numbers of any materials contained in the book. For most puzzles, there is also a second subsection outlining steps that need to be taken after the puzzle is solved in order to grant access the next puzzle and fill in the story.
+With the exception of Puzzle 3 and Puzzle 4, each section should be completed in order. This will allow the path through the book to work properly. Individual puzzles may be skipped as long as the book alteration steps are followed.