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+\subsection*{Upon Arrival}
+\item Insert bookmark into book on page 47
+\item Open book to page 126
+\item Make ``feels box" available to teams
+\subsection*{Upon Departure}
+\item Ensure that the correct answer is entered on page 47
+\item Add the following sticker to page 47
+ \\
+ \begin{mdframed}
+ Are they trying to say-—does that mean they weren't responsible after all? The fire was in fact the result of spontaneous combustion?
+ That's... that's preposterous! Only a truly devastating tear in spacetime could cause such a reaction. You'd need a dozen sevades' worth of causality paradoxes. And nothing has that kind of power other than—-
+ Oh, right. \textit{I} have that kind of power. But that’s—-that would mean that we're responsible for this mess! And that's not... there must be another explanation.
+ Turn to page 60 so we can sort this out.//
+ \end{mdframed}
+\item Return book open to page 47
+\end{itemize} \ No newline at end of file