adventofcode[no description]7 months
colonydecentralized messaging platform Casey Robinson2 years
dandelion.gamespersonal D&D website Casey Robinson6 weeks
dcphrWebsite for the annual DC Puzzle Hunt Race. Casey Robinson14 months
fibgovarious implementations of fibonacci sequence Casey Robinson5 years
flexgrid[no description]6 years
fmformal methods Casey Robinson11 months
gbgameboy emulation Casey Robinson22 months
generativean exploration in generative art Casey Robinson21 months
ggpgeneral game playing Casey Robinson22 months
junkyardscrap heap of prototypes and programming experiments Casey Robinson9 months
mazesmaze generator inspired by "Mazes for Programmers" Casey Robinson5 years
node-doublycircularDoubly circular linked list Casey Robinson6 years
nuc_clusterDrawings for nuc cluster frame in Clojure/OpenSCAD Casey Robinson4 years
onetimeTwo-Factor-Authentication client for TOTP based services Casey Robinson6 years
presentationsSource material for presentations I have given 3 years
puzzle-solving[no description]22 months
puzzlescollection of physical puzzles I have created Casey Robinson16 months
qmk_firmwareFirmware generation for ergodox Casey Robinson4 years
rampantmonkeymachine configuration and website Casey Robinson3 months
raytraceutf-8 raytracer Casey Robinson5 years
spatialExploration of drawing algorithms Casey Robinson3 months
z3rust wrapper for z3 and example projects Casey Robinson3 years