In Progress
dot_filesmy configuration files Casey Robinson6 weeks
rampantmonkey.comcontent for my website Casey Robinson8 weeks
qmk_firmwareFirmware generation for ergodox Casey Robinson8 months
puzzlescollection of physical puzzles I have created Casey Robinson41 hours
penelopeHyper-personal Assistant Casey Robinson3 months
css_christmas_treepure css christmas tree Casey Robinson3 years
bowlingMultiple solutions to Uncle Bob's Bowling Kata Casey Robinson3 years
fibgovarious implementations of fibonacci sequence Casey Robinson21 months
onetimeTwo-Factor-Authentication client for TOTP based services Casey Robinson2 years
codebreakerGame where players try to guess the secret code Casey Robinson3 years
raytraceutf-8 raytracer Casey Robinson17 months
neighborhoodsdetermine neighborhood that incloses a given pair of GPS coordinates Casey Robinson3 years
node-doublycircularDoubly circular linked list Casey Robinson3 years
httpstatusesfriendly names for HTTP status codes Casey Robinson10 months
ruby-warrior-solutionssolutions for ruby warrior Casey Robinson3 years
GBRbNintendo Game Boy emulator written in Ruby Casey Robinson3 years
mazesmaze generator inspired by "Mazes for Programmers" Casey Robinson16 months
nuc_clusterDrawings for nuc cluster frame in Clojure/OpenSCAD Casey Robinson7 months
dcphrWebsite for the annual DC Puzzle Hunt Race. Casey Robinson18 hours
lcr-simSimulation of the dice "game" LCR Casey Robinson2 years
fantasy_reality_railsrails implementation of fantasy reality Casey Robinson2 years
book-problemsCollection of solutions for book problems Casey Robinson20 months
frcliCommand Line API client Casey Robinson3 years
frapinodejs api server Casey Robinson3 years
rrobotsarena for battling ruby robots Casey Robinson3 years
contraptionStatic Site generator used for Casey Robinson3 years
salt-statesCollection of Salt States for managing my servers Casey Robinson3 years
flexgrid[no description]3 years
lcrdice game to experiment with websockets Casey Robinson3 years
carmine_contraption[no description]3 years
frphpinitial implementation of fantasy reality Casey Robinson3 years
friosiOS API client Casey Robinson3 years
P0ngImplementation of Atari's Pong for Android Casey Robinson3 years
frapi-rubySinatra api server Casey Robinson3 years
oryx[no description]3 years
harmony[no description]3 years
fluxx-card-deck[no description]3 years
builderMinimal continuous integration server designed for self hosted git repos Casey Robinson22 months
rfc[no description]3 years
bfdbloom filter daemon Casey Robinson17 months
corewarA.K. Dewdney's Core War in ClojureScript Casey Robinson14 months
rufluxx[no description]3 years
twui[no description]8 months